San Diego’s California-Pacific Exposition 1935-1936

Postcard Index

Links below are to postcard lists by manufacturer-with a sample postcard where available and links to more

Anonymous real photos – at end of this list

Bank of America mail folder

Boulder Dam

Brown, Harry – potter

Bunnell real photos

Bussey real photos

Hotel Canterbury / Maurice Hotel

Century Sensations real photos

Christian Science Monitor

Collier, D.C.


Eckert’s Bavarian Beer

Ford exhibit

Frashers Foto

Globe-Ben Hur

Gold Gulch Calaboose – individual real photos

Midget Village


Pacific Camera / Sirigo hand-colored

Pioneer Flintkote

Reynolds genuine copper SA-series

Reynolds genuine copper C-series

Reynolds gold G-series

Reynolds silver S-series

Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not

San Diego Club

Santa Fe Railway model trains

Schweigardt, sculptor – real photo

Shell Oil

Sirigo multi-color

Sirigo real photo postcards

Sirigo real miniature photos (mailer set #1; gold folder; 3 inch x 4.5 inch)

Sirigo real miniature photos (mailer set #2; gold folder; 5 cm. x 7 cm.)

Sirigo hand-colored real miniature photos (green boxed set)

Speegle, Emanuel – gold miner

Sunny Scenes

W6USA Amateur Radio Station

W9BAQ Amateur Radio Station

Western 4400 series

Western mini-series

Wilson & Co

Zorro Gardens

Anonymous gray/green litho series

Anonymous Artist’s Aerial Fantasy – b/w

Anonymous Real Photos
mixed group

Anonymous Real Photos – type 1
large caps with #

Anonymous Real Photos – type 2
visitors on donkey

Anonymous Real Photos – type 3
small neat forward-sloping caps

Anonymous Real Photos – type 4
“San Diego Exposition” in large upper & lower case forward sloping letters

Anonymous Real Photos – type 5
typeset caps “CPIE SD” at bottom

Anonymous Real Photos – type 6
large block forward-sloping caps

Anonymous Real Photos – type 7
titles in large, near-upright caps with “SD CPIE 1935”
some subtitles upper and lower case

Anonymous Real Photos – type 8
“America’s Exposition” in large, forward-sloping caps – first larger, artistic
(House of Pacific Relations)

Anonymous Real Photos – type 9
subtitles somewhat sloppy, upper and lower case; “CPIE”
(Standard Oil)

Anonymous Real Photos – type 10
“At San Diego 1935 CPIE”; titles in caps
subtitle in upper and lower case

Anonymous Real Photos – type 11
“CPIE” in forward sloping upper & lower case
(mostly Christian Scince Monitor Building)

Postcards included in this catalog are identified with the Exposition by meeting one or more of these criteria:

  1. printed reference to the Expo on the card itself, front or back
  2. part of a series in which some cards contain printed reference to the Expo
  3. Expo subject matter clearly represented on the card (not just Expo buildings)
  4. Expo subject matter (including buildings) and cards in series postmarked 1935-1936
  5. Expo subject matter (including buildings) and dated, hand-written note on card from 1935-1936

While I have attempted to make this electronic catalog the definitive compilation of postcards from the California Pacific Exposition, no list can ever be complete. Your additions will be most welcome.