Donal Hord: A Body of Work

The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1985, Volume 31, Number 3
Thomas Scharf, Managing Editor

Hord Exhibit ~ Public Works ~ Complete works ~ Chronology

This index of all known projects by Donal Hord is adapted from the Bruce Kamerling article “Like the Ancients: The Art of Donal Hord” published in the Summer 1985 Journal of San Diego History. Many of the images are available in large format so that the viewer can see the wonderful details such as wood grain.

Watercolor 1watercolor 4″ x 8″1914
Watercolor 2watercolor1914
Watercolor 3watercolor1915
2Profile Relief of Woman’s Headplaster, 5 3/4″ sq.1916
3Bust of a Bearded Manplaster, 7½” h.1918
4Creeping Indianterra cotta, 4 3/4″ h.1918
5Laura (Hord’s mother)bronze, 6 1/4″ h.1919
6Tenochtitlanterra cotta1919
7Earnest Hillunfired clay1920
8Mikeplaster, 5 1/4″ h.1922
9A. Two Wrestlers
B. Captives
C. Gargoyle
D. Takquitch
E. Sleeping Figure
F. Standing Figure
G. Salome
H. Kneeling Male Figure
I. Bearded Head w. Smaller Figure
terra cottaearly 1920s
10El Caciquebronze & mahogany, 14 1/4″ high1926
10El Caciquebronze 8 5/8″ high1926
11Nahuabronze, appr. 9″ h.1926
12Stand with 4 Kneeling Indians
(same stand with bowl)
bronze, 10″ h.1926-27
13Stand with 6 Female Figuresbronze, 10″ h.1926
14Chalchuihnetzinbronze and eucalyptus wood1927
15Dying Warriors ~ back ~ sidebronze, 9½” h.1927
16Study of a Chumashmay be this piece in Santa Barbara
Museum of Natural History
17Plaque and Oil lampbronze1927
18Pair of Flower Vasesbronze1927
19Flower Pot Holderbronze1927
20Cuy-a-ho-mar ~ largebronze on wooden base, 23″ h.1928
21Ku-Kul-Kan ~ largebronze on oak base, 16″ h.1928
22Chauptinted plaster1928
23Standing Indian and
Crouching Figure
bronze, 18″ h.1928
24Rhesus Monkeybronze1928
25Relief Paneleucalyptus wood1928
26Moon & SeaTobasco mahogany relief, 30″ h.1928
27Wotanteak, appr. 14″ h.1928
28Woman and Childblack walnut1928
29Chumash Shamanmahogany1928
(Smoking Mirror Dance)
tropical hardwood, 12″ h.1928
32Ome-Tochtlitropical hardwood1928
33Tlalocobsidian, appr. 7″ h.1928
34Canecrosewood w. ebony base, 10″ h.1929
35Desert Sun preliminary?Tobasco mahogany relief, 35″ h.1929
35Desert SunTobasco mahogany relief, 35″ h.1929
36Frioebony, appr. 12″ h.1929
37Swordfish DancersTobasco mahogany relief1930
38Chumash FishermanTobasco mahogany relief, 57″ h.1930
39The Sprit of the WhirlwindsTobasco mahogany relief, 56″ h.1930
40The Spirit of the HillsTobasco mahogany relief, 56″ h.1930
41Channel WindTobasco mahogany relief, 36″ h.1930
42HurraKanMexican rosewood, 12″ h.1930
43Culua ~ right ~ leftMexican rosewood & mahogany, 13 3/4″ h.1930
43Culua modelplaster1930
44Anthropological Headsterra cotta, 7½” & 8 1/4″ h1930
45Young Maize ~ largeMexican rosewood, 30″ h.1931
46NoonMexican rosewood1931
47Burden of Earth ~ largeMexican hardwood, 27″ h.1931
48Dream of Summerrosewood, 21″ h.1931
49Ramilettapolychromed mahogany1932
50Desert Nightpolychromed mahogany, 36″ h.1932
51Desert Sunrise ~ side viewMexican hardwood, 40″ h.1932
52Oracionpolychromed mahogany1932
53Family on the Curbterra cotta1932-33
54Peon Prayingterra cotta, 12 3/4″ h.1932-33
55FigureMexican rosewood1933
56Aztec Bride ~ largepolychromed mahogany mask, 21″ h.1933
57Mayan Maskpolychromed mahogany, 14 3/4″ h.1933
58Door Panels of
Mexican Man & Woman
mahogany, 71½” h.1933
59Four Ornamental Praying Figuresmahogany1933
60Tropic Cycle ~ largepolychrome1933
62C.C.C. Workersplaster relief1934
63Man With a Sheaf of Wheatceramic1934
64Wheel of Industrycast stone1934
65Rhumba Dancerspolychrome1935
66La TehuanaIndiana limestone1935
67Virgin of Guadaloupemahogany, rosewood, ebony
and polychrome
68Dr. Edward Hardybronze relief1935
69Indian Father and Son ~ sideMexican rosewood1935
70Father Serra ~ backplaster1935
71Three Ornamental Monkeysredwood 4″ x 4″1936
72Siesta at NoonMexican rosewood1936
Female figurepencil on paper 11″ x 14″1936
73Transportation of the Mail
Stagecoach 1850
Pony Express 1860
Railroad 1868
Airplane 1936
5 pencil drawings for
Santa Barbara Post Office
(never executed)
74Aztec ~ Aztec modelblack diorite1936-37
75Study of Sam Lewisterra cotta1937
Male nude figurepencil on paper 11″ x 14″1937
Male figurepencil on paper 11″ x 14″1937
76Study of Fred Sietzglazed ceramic1937
77Men Working on a Roadmahogany1937
78Guardian of Water modelsplaster1937-39
78Guardian of Watergranite1937-39
79La Cubana ~ side viewobsidian1937
80unfinished piece ~ anotherobsidian
81Mexican Mother and Childmarble1938
82Mexican Beggar Womanmarble1938
83Veiled Figuremarble1942
84Swordfish Dancer ~ largelignum vitae1939
Male nude figurepencil on paper 8 1/2″ x 11″1939
85Fruits of the Earth
(woven by Marian Kendall)
Tapestry, 59″ h.1939
86Legend of CaliforniaIndiana limestone incised relief1939
87Rest on the Flight to Egyptblack diorite, 30″ h.1939
88Girl Readingmodel1940
88Girl ReadingMexican onyx, 30½” h.1940
89Sad Womanlimestone, 14″ h.1941
90Kit Carson school
panel A ~ panel B
incised concrete relief1942
91Corn Goddesslignum vitae, 40″ h.1942
92Kneeling Male Figureclay, appr. 24″ h.1942
93Silas St. John Memorialbronze relief, 24″ sq.1941-42
94Vernal Sun ~ largelignum vitae, 42″ h.1942
95Midday Sun ~ largelignum vitae, 47″ h.1942
96Descending Sun ~ largelignum vitae, 42″ h.1943
97Desert Night Windlignum vitae, 43″ h.1944
98PrimaveraTennessee pink marble, 36″ h.1944
99Desert Sand Wind ~ torsolignum vitae, 42″ h.1945
100El Coloradodiorite, 53″ h.1945-46
101Study of Wally Silberhornterra cotta, 14″ h.1945
102Summer Rain ~ largelignum vitae, 48″ h.1946
103Thunderdark green nephrite jade, 20″ h.1946
104Spring Stirring (model)1947-48
104Spring Stirring glazed ceramic1947-48
104Spring Stirringblack diorite, 46″ h.1947-48
105Annunciationlignum vitae, 44½” h.1949
106Man must sow to reapbronze medal, 3″ diam.1949
107Yang Kwei Feiapple green nephrite, 21½” h.1949
108Peon Game (4 pieces)plaster1950
109Autumn Wind ~ large rosewood, 42″ h.1950
110Harvest Spirit ~ largerosewood, 51″ h.1951
111Pastoral ~ largerosewood, 34½” h.1951
112architectural panels
San Diego Public Library
cast stone relief, 10′ h.1953
113West Windrosewood, 45″ h.1953
114Baby Chrisbronze1954
115The Springbronze, 33″ h.1955
116Young bather ~ large ~ front
back ~ 3-fish fountain base
bronze, 31½” h.1955
117Good Samaritanbronze medal, 4″ diam.1955
118Rhumba Dancers ~ largebronze, 8½” and 9″ h.1955
119St. Francis ~ largebronze, 29″ h.1955
120Morningblack diorite, 6’3″ h.1951-56
121Justiceglazed ceramic, 24′ sq.1956
122El Cargadorrosewood, 45″ h.1956
123Angel of Peace
Angel of Peace model
bronze, 12′ h.1956-58
124Kneeling Figure on a Cloudbronze, 8″ h.1957
125Wind Figurebronze, 11½” h.1957
126Aeolusbronze, 10½” h.1957
127Seated Male nudebronze, 9″ h.1958
128Winds around the Moon
at Tule Mountain
~ large
129Leaping Figurebronze1958
130Sleeper in a Dreambronze1958
131American Institute of Architects
Industrial arts medal

back of medal
bronze, 2″ diam.1959
132Feast Day of a Saintrosewood, 46″ h.1958-59
133Marston Testimonialnever executed1959
134Mourning Womangranite, 53½” high1959
134Mourning Womanterra cotta, 26″ high1959
135American Eagle 1sketch for the San Diego Yokohama
Sister City Society (never executed)
136Noctambulist ~ largerosewood1959-60
137Nagual in Moonlightrosewood 42″ high1960
138Confederate Memorial Competition
Model of Robert E. Lee
138Confederate Memorial Competition1961-62
139Spring Rainbronze1963
140Man With a Maskbronze1963
141Day of the Judasesrosewood1963
Listenerbronze from terra cotta original1963
142Descending Sun ~ largebronze1964
143Award of Swedish
Swimming Federation
plaster model1964
143Award of Swedish
Swimming Federation
144Seated Male Life Study
side view
tinted terra cotta1964
145Reclining Life Studyplaster1964
146Standing Life Studyterra cotta1964
147Daybreak ~ large ~ more viewsrosewood1965
148Summer Rain ~ largebronze1966
Unfinished headdate

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