San Diego’s Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916)


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GM335 Metropolitan Life Insurance

“Prepared for the PCE, San Diego, Cal., 1915 / by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York” in white border on front at bottom
(there is an identical set of postcards prepared for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915-some of those images are used below)

  • Chart 1 Welfare Exhibit “The Metropolitan and Its Policyholders / Life insurance is a social institution…”
  • Chart 3 Welfare Exhibit “Visiting Nurse Service / Each year thirty thousand insured mothers receive maternity service after childbirth…”
  • Chart 4 Welfare Exhibit “Visiting Nurse Service / The Visiting Nurse prevents illness by teaching hygiene…”
  • Chart 5 Welfare Exhibit “Health and Happiness League / Helps children form good habits of health and service…”
  • Chart 6 Welfare Exhibit “Work With Boards of health / The Company helps Boards of Health: To secure Health Laws…”
  • Chart 7 Welfare Exhibit “Booklets on Hygiene / Teach policyholders how to keep well…”
  • Chart 8 Welfare Exhibit “Child Welfare Booklets / Written by experts in simple style…”
  • Chart 9 Welfare Exhibit “Birth Registration / Agents urge policyholders to register births of babies…”
  • Chart 10 Welfare Exhibit “The Metropolitan and its Employees / Employment involves mutual responsibilities…”
  • Chart 11 Welfare Exhibit “Work Conditions in Home Office / comfort and safety of Home Office employees receive first consideration…”
  • Chart 12 Welfare Exhibit “Earnings of 17,000 Employees / Employees carefully chosen. Salaries maintain suitable standards of living…”
  • Chart 13 Welfare Exhibit “Luncheon Service at Home Office / Luncheon served daily without charge to 4,000 employees…”
  • Chart 14 Welfare Exhibit “Medical Care in Home Office / Employees sick during office hours are treated in dispensary…”
  • Chart 15 Welfare Exhibit “Staff Savings Fund / The Company adds 50 per cent to each employee’s deposit…”
  • Chart 16 Welfare Exhibit “Tuberculosis Sanatorium / Model sanatorium gives best possible treatment to tuberculous employees…”
  • Chart 17 Welfare Exhibit “Educational Opportunities / A course in life insurance business trains Agents and Clerks for better service…”
  • Chart 18 Welfare Exhibit “Athletics and Recreation / A gymnasium with instructor is provided for Home Office clerks…”

Note: Card shown above is from the John R. and Jane Adams Postcard Collection courtesy of San Diego State University’s Special Collections, Malcolm A. Love Library
Note: All other images provided courtesy of Daniel B. May of MetLife Archives