San Diego’s Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916)


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GM560 Southern Pacific RR – Second Annual Suggestion / February 23,1912


  • Same, with attached reply card addressed to Secretary / Chamber of Commerce / Los Angeles / California. – back of card. On these, one long card edge is coarsely rouletted for removal from the reply card. Some of the latter have “For free Information about California…” rubberstamped across the pair.

Note: these cards are part of a set of at least 44 different advertising cards for the Southern Pacific RR showing California views. They all have the same invitation on the back to visit the two expositions via the Southern Pacific RR. Attributed to Pacific Novelty. None has been seen without the ad and expo logos.

Earliest date 21 Feb 1912

Here is an unrelated Southern Pacific card with image of PPIE , San Francisco, 1915, included here because back of card mentions both Expos: