Lantern Slide Collection

Lincoln Beachey

Digital scanning and storage combined with ink jet printing, appears to offer ways to avoid these limitations and facilitate searching and retrieval within a group of fragile inaccessible images. Similar issues limit color slides.

As a simple test procedure, each slide was scanned on a flat bed computer scanner at a 300 ppi resolution. Identifying numbers and other available information were added below each image then all this was saved to a Zip disc. Each image file was moderately compressed in a jpeg format to about 200 kbytes. The Zip discs are later combined on a CD, which can hold about 1000 slides. It is then possible to search the file by subject or by the accompanying thumbnail image. Desired image files are printable on an inkjet printer to about 8 by 10 inch dimensions with near photographic quality.

John Redfern

Scanning and Storage

Prints can be ordered from the SDHC photographic archives.

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