Did you know that San Diego has an “official” dog?

October 21, 2019

Jared Aarons from ABC 10 News interviewed San Diego History Center historian Dr. David Miller about an often overlooked statue on 4th and Island. It’s a statue of Bum the dog who arrived in San Diego as a stowaway on a boat in the 1890s. Bum was well loved by everyone in San Diego including the Chinese butchers, the upper class, the firemen, and even the saloons. His statue is in the Gaslamp Historical Foundation garden, and even our own History Center kids club in named after Bum.

Bum the dog may be a less known part of San Diego’s colorful history, but historian David Miller loves to use him as an example of how history can be fun and entertaining, as well as giving us an important opportunity to reflect back on our past.

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