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Filming San Diego: Hollywood’s Backlot

Doctor Dolittle More often than not between the 1930s and 1960s, movies were not filmed entirely in San Diego; rather either a small film crew would be sent down to shoot scenery or the entire production would come and stay for only a few days. In fact very little was filmed here in two films that bear the name San Diego in their titles: San Diego, I Love You and Down in San Diego. Increasingly filmmakers began filming entire movies in and around San Diego County. Downtown and nearby neighborhoods have provided sufficient urban and suburban scenery for entire movies. After the trolley system was completed in 1980, filmmakers occasionally used it as a sort of a signature San Diego shot.

Traffic Filmed in Downtown San Diego and Border Locations:
Scavenger Hunt, Almost Famous, Traffic, Borderline, My Blue Heaven, Mr Wrong, In God We Trust, K-9, and Little Nikita.