Capturing the Light

Landscapes of Maurice Braun

September 13, 2013 – February 16, 2014

Maurice Braun (1877-1941) was one of San Diego’s most accomplished and well known landscape painters and was part of the “Eucalyptus School” of San Diego painters.

As an early California artist Braun was inspired to interpret its natural landscape. Southern California offered many new challenges. The colors and forms of the region were a revelation. Brown grasses, blue mountains and rugged rock formations were to provide endless sources of painting problems relative to the interplay of light and color with the artist’s strong sense of composition. Braun was captivated by the area which he repeated over and over again in his art always seeking a new interpretation of mood and expression. The drama of its settlement was left to a future generation of artists.

This exhibition is located in the Local Treasures Gallery and will be on display until February 2014.

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