Crossing Cultures

Images and sketches of Indian life by Edward H. Davis

August 12, 2013 – March 02, 2014

Edward H. Davis (1862-1951) was a field collector for the Museum of the American Indian and ranch and lodge owner in Mesa Grande, California.Fascinated by Indian life and culture, Davis became friends with his neighbors, the Indians of Mesa Grande. In 1907, he became a ceremonial chief of the tribe which allowed him to participate in their meetings and ceremonies.Davis was concerned by what he saw as the loss of traditional Indian way of life and the decimation of their population by disease. Convinced that evidence of Indian culture should be preserved for historical, educational, and museum purposes, Davis began collecting mortars, metates, bows, arrows, stone implements and other household items.

This small exhibit showcases some of Davis’ collection highlighting the culture, customs, and daily life of the regions original inhabitants.