Developing San Diego

Making History Every Day

May 12, 2005 – May 31, 2006

This photographic exhibition has been described as a “now and then” style view of San Diego. It might be more accurately described as “from then until now” as it illustrates the changes to our built and natural environments over a long period of time. Every day we can look around us and see change, sometimes large and dramatic, sometimes gradual and subtle.

When a building that was standing one day is gone the next, we are suddenly aware of our rapidly changing world, and when a new building goes up to take its place, we reminisce about the old building. Photographs capture a moment in time and encourage us to say “remember when…”

For each building, street scene or landscape in Developing San Diego: Making History Every Day, there are many historical images from the Booth Historical Photograph Archives as well as informative text written by Will Chandler. The thirty contemporary images in this exhibition were taken by me in late 2000 through 2002 and at the time they were very ‘now.’
Looking at a number of the images today, such as the view of Lake Cuyamaca (which was taken before the devastating fires of 2003), I am reminded again that the present becomes the past with every passing moment – and not to take those moments for granted. Hope to see you at the exhibition!

Chris Travers
Director of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives