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Marston’s History Emporium

October 11, 2017 – October 25, 2019

Who is a San Diegan? Why is it important to know and understand our history? What do objects, photos, and documents say about our past? How have other children in San Diego made a difference in our community? These are just a few of the questions that will confront visitors to the History Center’s newest exhibition Marston’s History Emporium.

With an imaginative take on what a history emporium might look like, visitors will encounter seven stations, such as:

  • Kids Like Me?—Through a collage of children’s photos from the SDHC collection, historic toys, and a seek-and-find game, kids will learn if they share any similarities with children in the past.
  • Our San Diego—This niche gives groups of students an opportunity to “curate” a small exhibit that showcases their own interpretations of what San Diego means to them.
  • What’s in a Photo?—Featuring large mural photo puzzles, this niche focuses on what we can learn from historical photos.
  • We Who Have Lived Here—By digging through our archives, we have uncovered stories of little-known San Diegans, whom young visitors can learn about through documents, photos, and dress-up.
  • The Sights, Sounds (and Smells) of Old San Diego—This multi-sensory matching game teaches students about different industries from San Diego’s past.
  • History at Home—Kids can touch and play with everyday objects from the past, such as telephones, old tools, typewriters, and kitchen gadgets, as they explore a “living room,” “garage,” and “kitchen.”


Susan and Larry Favrot and the Favrot Fund