The Journal of San Diego History
October 1963, Volume 9, Number 4
Jerry MacMullen, Editor


The Ready Relief Mine — By Charles V. Birkett
Yaqui Well — By Marion Beckler
Those Peaceful “Torture Trees” — By H. K. Raymenton
Historical Miscellany

San Diego History Center [inside front cover]
New Members, San Diego History Center [back cover]

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: It was high time that the story of the vanished mining-town of Banner — and of the famous Ready Relief — was told, and Charles V. Birkett, Union Title’s “distributor of local history,” has done it up in a neat little package … Although now a resident of Stockton, Marion Beckler, author of Palomar Mountain, Past and Present, and of Carrie: A Story of Early San Diego, keeps up her interest — fortunately for us — in San Diego County’s history . . . A long-time San Diegan and actively affiliated with all of its cultural institutions, H. K. Raymenton sends the Torture Trees of Felicita Park off to join “The Old Spanish Lighthouse”; Jose Arbaez, the pirate of Los Coronados and — dare we say it? — Joaquin Murieta.