The Journal of San Diego History
March 1965, Volume 11, Number 2
Ray Brandes, Managing Editor

Louis Almgren, Fire Chief

Louis Almgren, Fire Chief


Test of the Ahrens Engine at San Diego

Test of the Ahrens Engine at San Diego, Dec. 11, 1906. Left to right: Walter Lipps, Chief, Los Angeles Fire Dept., Chester Copley, Driver, John P. Ahrens, Engine Mfgr., Cal Edwards. Next three parties from the Fire Commission of Los Angeles. Next person unknown, Mr. Price, Master Mechanic, Los Angeles Fire Department and City Superintendent of the Water Department. Right side of engine, left to right: Firemen Louis Almgren, Oscar Ormerd, Walter Golay, John Wood, John Finlinson, Fred Haslam and Dick Schute.


First Motor Truck

First Motor Truck, San Diego Fire Department. A Squad 1910 Rambler built in the San Diego shops. It had a Klaxon horn, but not a siren.


Flying Squadron Number 1

Flying Squadron Number 1.
Union Title Photograph No. 3013.


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