The Journal of San Diego History
October 1965, Volume 11, Number 4
Ray Brandes, Managing Editor

By Bernard Samuels

Lookout Avenue, view of business section

Among the sources available to writers of history, early newspapers represent a large gold mine. Authors have always mined these sources heavily but with the realization that such contemporary accounts may be subjective, flavored with the imagination of the reporter, or the needs of a particular editorial staff.

Without the newspaper, however, few stories could be intimately covered-for newspapers are often the single remaining source of information.

So important have newspapers become to researchers today, and so great the demand for them, that large microfilming companies are moving into regions to film newspapers, and producing negatives which are then sold to institutions such as historical societies and libraries. Such filming makes it possible to obtain long runs of papers otherwise not available. For the organization which possesses the newspapers, it facilitates permanent storage of newspapers which are being continually used and worn out by researchers.

If the papers have been filmed, and are no longer usable, they may be permanently stored-or given to another institution. The microfilm obviously requires far less library space. Duplicate reels of film may be stored elsewhere insuring copies in case of fire or other damage to the originals.

It is the hope that the San Diego History Center library may one day soon have its large collection of newspapers filmed, in order that we may retire these holdings, becoming worn from extensive use.

In the meantime an inventory has been taken by Mr. Bernard Samuels, an enthusiast of San Diego and regional history. This itemized listing includes dates of the large holdings of San Diego County newspapers held by this Historical Society. No papers outside this region were inventoried at this time. This checklist may prove useful if you are in need of such research aid. On the other hand, such an inventory may call your attention to the fact that we are in need of other local papers, and that single copies here and there are most useful in such a study.


Fallbrook Observer, 1893-1894
Julian Sentinel (microfilm) 1887-1891, 1925
San Diego County Advertiser, 1891
San Diego Daily Bee, 1887-1888
San Diego Daily Sun, 1881-1913
San Diego Daily World, 1872-1877
San Diego Herald, 1851-1860 (microfilm and xerox copyflow run)
San Diego News, 1877
Santa Maria Citizen, 1893
Sud-California Deutsche Zeitung, 1915-1941
The Daily Bee, 1887
The Daily San Diegan, 1885-1892
The Encinitas Transcript, 1893-1894
The Evening Tribune, 1899; 1924-1939
The Fallbrook Enterprise, 1912-1936
The Fallbrook Review, 1902-1916
The Fallbrook Union, 1893
The San Diegan-Sun, 1893-1908
The San Diego Daily Journal, 1944-1947
The San Diego Sun, 1881-1939
The San Diego Weekly Sun, 1885 1891
The San Diego Weekly Union, 1875-1923
The San Diego Union, 1868-1927; 1942-1947
The Seaports News (Coronado and San Diego) 1892-1894
The Tribune Sun, 1939-1946
The Weekly San Diegan, 1889-1892
The Weekly San Diegan-Sun, 1894-1904
The Weekly Sun, 1891-1897


1869, 1872 San Diego Weekly Bulletin
1872 Daily Morning Bulletin
1874, 1875, 1876 The World
1877, 1879, 1882 San Diego News
1882, 1884, 1887 National City Record
1883 San Luis Rey Star
1885 San Diego Weekly Californian
1887 Coronado Evening Mercury
1887 Escondido Times
1888 The Guide
1888 The Sunday News
1888-1889 Southern California Informant
1889 The Pacific Beach Weekly
1890 The San Diego World
1891 San Diego Herald (New Series)
1891 The Clipper
1891 The Home Seeker
1893 Escondido Daily Times-Advocate
1894 The Coronado Mercury
1895 The Sacred Cow
1896 Otay Press
1896 San Diego Vidette
1896 The Evening Tribune
1896 The People’s Voice
1897 Real Estate Dots
1897 San Diego Progress
1899 El Cajon Once-A-Week
1908, 1914 La Mesa Springs Scout
1908 San Diego Progress
1910 The Harbor Light
1911, 1944 The San Diego News
1912 San Diego Examiner
1916 San Diego Chamber of Commerce Bulletin
1918 Strand Weekly
1919 The Southern Cross of San Diego
1919 The Playground Herald
1920 San Diego Labor Leader
1922 The Beach News
1922 San Diego Trades-Day Bulletin
1923 The Wigwam
1928 The Jewish Community News
1930 El Prado News
1932 The Coronado Graphic
1932, 1950 The East San Diego Broom
1924-1925 San Diego Independent
1933 The Vigilant
1934 San Diego NRA Food News
1934 San Diego Press Club’s Bush-Wah Edition
1935 P.F. O’ Rourke’s I-conO-clast and Independent Enterprise
1937 The San Diego Free Press
1937 The San Diego Russ
1938, 1947 The Ocean Beach News
1939, 1940 South of Broadway Bulletin
1940 East San Diego Press
1940 Old Town Press
1940 The North Park Press
1943 The Consolidated News
1944 Old San Diego Citizen
1944, 1950 The San Diego Daily Journal
1949 San Diego Protestant Times
1949 Point Loma Light
1950 El Cajon Mt. Messenger
1950 The Bay Shores Beacon
1950 The San Diego Chronicle
1950 The Oceanside Report

Mr. Samuels, a San Diego resident holds an A. B. degree in Social Studies from San Diego State College. He is currently working toward his teaching credential.