The Journal of San Diego History
April 1967, Volume 13, Number 2
Elvira L. Wittenberg, Editor

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Col. George Ruhlen

Page 7. Col. George Ruhlen

Lt. Col. Philip St. G. Cooke

Page 7. Lt. Col. Philip St. G. Cooke, commander of the Mormon Battalion.

Andrew B. Gray

Page 8. Andrew B. Gray, Chief Engineer and Surveyor for the United States, convinced Davis that the future of San Diego lay beside the bay. He joined in the cartel with Davis, and along with T.D. Johns, prepared the survey for the layout of New San Diego.

George F. Hooper

Page 8. George F. Hooper, another of Davis’ partners in the New San Diego venture.

Gen. Nathaniel Lyon

Page 9. Gen. Nathaniel Lyon. As Captain Lyon, 2d Infantry, he supervised construction of depot buildings in the “barrack block.”

The Hermitage

Page 10. “The Hermitage,” built by A.B. Gray, was one of the first hostelries in New San Diego. It was located on State between Market and Island Streets.

New San Diego Barracks

Page 10. New San Diego Barracks, California. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

San Diego Barracks

Page 11. Plan of San Diego Barracks, Drawn by Col. Ruhlen

Plan of San Diego Barracks

Page 13. Plan of San Diego Barracks, California, 1879.

San Diego Barracks

Page 14. San Diego Barracks, 1906. From Title Insurance & Trust Company Historical Collection