The Journal of San Diego History
April 1967, Volume 13, Number 2
Elvira L. Wittenberg, Editor

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Hide houses at San Diego

Page 17. Hide houses at San Diego. Reproduction of original watercolor by Gunner Meyers, by permission of the Bancroft Library, and The Book Club of California. Reproduced from Journal of a Cruise (To California and the Sandwich Islands in the United States Sloop-of-War Cyane), 1841-1844.

William Heath Davis

Page 18. William Heath Davis at about the time of the interview reproduced here.

San Luis Rey Mission

Page 18. San Luis Rey Mission as it appeared about the time of which Davis reminisces.

Plan of New San Diego

Page 19. Plan of New San Diego surveyed for Aguirre, Pedrorena, Davis, Ferrill and others, by A.B. Gray and T.D. Johns.

Miguel de Pedrorena

Page 20. Miguel de Pedrorena, one of Davis’s partners in planning the venture to develop New San Diego. He died before the plans were brought to fruition.

First house built in New San  Diego

Page 20. Home of William Heath Davis, 1850-55, was the first house built in New San Diego. It stood at State and F Streets. Alonzo E. Horton bought the house and lot for $100 in 1867. After remodeling, it was renamed the New San Diego Hotel.