The Journal of San Diego History
January 1967, Volume 13, Number 1
Elvira L. Wittenberg, Editor

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Butterfield stage

Page 23. Butterfield stage. Trip from Los Angeles to St. Louis took 22 days. One-way fare was $90.00.

Vallecitos stage station

Page 24. Vallecitos stage station.

Concord stage coach

Page 24. Concord stage coach.

Stonewall Mine.

Page 24. Stonewall Mine.

Governor Robert W. Waterman

Page 25. Governor Robert W. Waterman, owner of Stonewall Mine.

Drury D. Bailey

Page 25. Drury D. Bailey, founder of Julian, 1869

Ballena post office and Warnock residence

Page 26. The old Ballena post office and Warnock residence.

Five Stamp Mill

Page 26. Five Stamp Mill, Ranchita Mine. (See map and key on page 31.)

Banner Grade.

Page 27. Banner Grade.

Warner's ranch house

Page 28. J. J. Warner’s ranch house was the Butterfield stage station from 1858 to 1861

Edgar Hastings

Page 29. Edgar Hastings, interviewer, was President of the San Diego History Center in 1956.

Warners, 1898.

Page 29. Warners, 1898.

Golden Chariot Mine

Page 29. Golden Chariot Mine, about 1901. (See map and key on page 31) (Mines photos courtesy Title Insurance and Trust Company.)

Owens Mine

Page 30. Owens Mine. (See map and key on page 31.)

Helvetia Mine

Page 30. Helvetia Mine, Julian, 1901. (See mop and key on page 31.)

Page 31. [Mining Claims in Julian Area]