The Journal of San Diego History
July 1967, Volume 13, Number 3

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William Edward Evans

Page 36. William Edward Evans

Page 37. Three-legged Bum posed for this photo by the Elite Studio, in 1895. Courtesy Title Insurance.

Page 38. Original Santa Fe station, the site of some of the key incidents in Bum’s life. Courtesy Title Insurance.

Page 39. When Bum found things dull in San Diego, he often look the ferry across to Coronado to help supervise the early phases of construction of the Hotel del Coronado. This photo was taken in 1887. Courtesy Title Insurance.

Dog tax receipt of 1891

Page 40. Dog tax receipt of 1891, embellished with an engraving of Bum.

Ministering to Bum

Page 41. Bum with broken leg, after being kicked by a horse. Ministering to Bum, left to right, are James E. Friend, George Magwood, his daughter, Audra, and Dr. John B. Slone, attending physician on the case. Photo courtesy Title Insurance.


Page 42. A true aristocrat, Bum sat for this portrait as his legacy to his adopted home town of San Diego. Courtesy Title Insurance.