The Journal of San Diego History
July 1967, Volume 13, Number 3

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James R. Moriarty

Page 7. James R. Moriarty

Fray Junipero Serra.

Page 7. Fray Junípero Serra.

Gasp?r de Portolá

Page 8. Captain Gasp?r de Portolá

Signature of Portolá

Page 8. Signature of Portolá

Serra among the Indians

Page 9. Father Serra among the Indians. Reproduction of a painting which hangs in the sacristy of the parish church in Petra, Mallorca.

José de Galvéz

Page 10. José de Galvéz, Visitador General, to whom Serra’s letter of July 2, 1770 was addressed.

Serra saying Mass

Page 11. Father Serra saying Mass in the shade of the historic oak tree at The founding of San Carlos Mission. Serra Cause photo of an 1876 painting by Troisset. The scene described in Serra’s account of the observances at Monterey was no doubt very similar to this one.

Royal Chapel of Monterey

Page 12. Royal Chapel of Monterey, built by the Spanish in 1794.

Church of San Cárlos at Monterey

Page 13. Church of San Cárlos at Monterey.

Serra's office

Page 14. Serra’s office, Carmel Mission.

Serra's cell

Page 15. Serra’s cell, Carmel Mission.

Viceroy Antonio M. Bucareli

Page 16. Viceroy Antonio M. Bucareli figured prominently in the correspondence which underlay the dispute between Serra and the military authorities.

Marquis de Croix

Page 16. Marquis de Croix, Bucareli’s predecessor, warned Bucareli about the potential trouble between civil and religious authorities in Alta California.

Fages' letter to Father Serra

Page 17. Fages’ letter to Father Serra, October 11, 1772.

Serra's reply to Fages

Page 19. Serra’s reply to Fages, October 13, 1772.

Mission San Luis Obispo

Page 20. Mission San Luis Obispo, founded by Father Serra while en route with Fages from Monterey to San Diego, in late summer of 1772.

Mission San Buenaventura

Page 21. Mission San Buenaventura, the founding of which was subject of an open altercation between Serra and Fages.

Fray Francisco Palou

Page 22. Fray Francisco Palou, friend and biographer of Serra. Photo print courtesy Title Insurance and Trust.

Statue of Serra

Page 22. Statue of Serra, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Serra baptizing an Indian infant

Page 23. Father Serra baptizing an Indian infant. Reproduction of an old drawing.

Fray Junipero Serra

Page 24. Fray Junipero Serra. An impressionistic painting by the Valencian artist Usabal.

Father Palou

Page 25. Artist’s concept of Father Palou entering Serra’s name in the Book of the Dead at Santa Clara Mission.

Serra's burial crypt

Page 25. Serra’s burial crypt, Carmel.