The Journal of San Diego History
April 1968, Volume 14, Number 2
Rita Larkin, Editor

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Cover Image: Ernest Osuna, “El Hidalgo de San Diego,” 1769-1969.
(Bert Winfield photo furnished by San Diego 200th Anniversary, Inc.)

Page 6. Beneath these mounds of lawn lies the boyhood home of Juan María Osuna, San Diego’s first mayor. When Presidio Park was created by George W. Marston, the ruins of San Diego’s Royal Presidio were heaped with earth and grass was planted over them. This was done in order to forestall looting and to mark the location for future excavations.

Page 12. From Juliana Osuna’s notes and drawings, plus the testimony of friends such as Santiago Argüello, last commandant of the Presidio of San Diego, this map of the San Dieguito Rancho was prepared by the Surveyor General’s office in 1869 and was used as the basis for the final confirmation of the grant to the Osuna family


Page 15. Ramón Osuna had two grandfathers who fought in the Battle of San Pasqual. His maternal grandfather, Philip Crosthwaite, rescued his paternal grandfather, Leandro Osuna, from being killed by Kit Carson. Ramón lives in El Cajon, is 86 years old, and retains the Osuna love of horses.

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