The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1969, Volume 15, Number 3
Rita Larkin, Editor

Presidio Park, Junípero Serra Museum and Library

Part I – The Historic Significance of Presidio Park
Part II – A Young Man Comes to Town By Wilmer Shields
Part III – The Origin of Presidio Park and Junípero Serra Museum
Part IV – A Plant Tour of Presidio Park
By Chauncey L. Jerabek
Part V – The San Diego History Center
Part VI – Junípero Serra Museum
Part VII – San Diego Acquires a Park and Museum


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George White Marston

George White Marston, founder of Presidio Park of Junipero Serra Museum and Library and of the San Diego History Center, was also the society’s first president. Those who assisted him in drawing up the by-laws of the organization, and who also served with him as first officers and on the first Board of Directors in 1929 were: Leroy A. Wright, First Vice-president; Melville Klauber, Second Vice-President; Allen H. Wright, Secretary-Treasurer and Hugh Strong, Dr. Fred Baker and John W. Snyder.

Other initial Board of Directors members were: Edgar A. Luce, Irving E. Outcalt, Wheeler J. Bailey, M. T. Gilmore, Lyman Bryson, Ernest E. White, Mrs. Lillian Pray Palmer, Miss Gertrude Gilbert, Paul C. Edwards, Rev. George A. O’Meara, Julius Wangenheim, Hal Hotchkiss, Ed. Davidson, Mrs. Sara Harritt, Mrs. lver N. Lawson, Miss Alice Lee, William R. Wheeler and Milton A, McRae.

Junipero Serra Museum  George White Marston

The poetry quotation is from “To George White Marston, A Tribute,” by Grace A. Culbertson.

The photo of the George White Marston portrait (which hangs in Junipero Serra Museum) was taken by Bert Shankland, The portrait is by Thomas Crocker.