The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1970, Volume 16, Number 3
Linda Freischlag, Editor

Photogaphs by Phil Binks

1. The Jesse Shepard House (Villa Montezuma), one of San Diego’s most fascinating historical landmarks, stands as a monument to the architecture, life, and times of one of San Diego’s most romantic and exciting periods — the boom years of the 1880s.

2. The Music Room (west wall)

3. The Stairwell to Lower Level

4. The Music Room (east wall)

5. The Music Room (northeast corner)

6. The Music Room (north wall)

7. The Dining Room (south wall)


8. The Main Entry Hall

9. The Music Room (north wall)

10. The Reception Room (north wall)

11. The Music Room (south wall)

12. The Drawing Room (north wall)

13. The Drawing Room (south wall)

14. The Tower Room View

15. The Dining Room (north wall)

16. The Music Room (ceilings)

17. Metal Finial (roof)