The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1971, Volume 17, Number 1
Linda Freischlag, Editor

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Contestants Exhibit

Page 5. Contestants Exhibit

Helvetia mine

Page 7. The Helvetia mine was discovered in August of 1870; it produced a total of $450,000 in gold. (Courtesy Title Insurance and Trust Company)

Stonewall mine

Page 7. The Stonewall mine was discovered in March of 1870; it produced $2,000,000 and was the richest mine in the area. (Courtesy Title Insurance and Trust Company)

Early logging from Cuyamaca

Page 8. Early logging from Cuyamaca at the Stonewall mine. (Courtesy Title Insurance and Trust Company)

Plat of the Rancho Cuyamaca

Page 11. The final survey by Norway which settled the Cuyamaca land grant dispute.