The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1971, Volume 17, Number 4
James E Moss, Editor

(Commonly known as 227 Eleventh Street) From ABSTRACT OF TITLE, dated January 4, 1892. Prepared by Abstract & Title Insurance Company of San Diego

PATENT from United States of America, to President and Trustees of the City of San Diego, Pueblo Lands, containing 47,323 acres. Signed by President U. S. Grant, Recorded June 17, 1874. (issued to clear city’s title)

DEED dated May 11, 1867, from Trustees of the City of San Diego to A. E. Horton, covering 960 acres. Recorded May 11, 1867. (this tract was then laid out into lots, blocks and streets, as Horton’s Addition)

DEED dated April 5, 1869, from A. E. Horton to Samuel F. McKean, Jr. Lot D, Block 133, Horton’s Addition. Considera­tion $100.

DEED dated December 9, 1872, from McKean to Margaret Mountain. Consideration $350.

DEED dated June 27, 1873, from John and Margaret Mountain to Mrs. Anna Scheper. Consideration $1500.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE-Marriage on November 17, 1875, Amos P. Knowles and Anna C. Scheper; Witnesses: Dr. P.C. Remondino and Miss Wilhelmina Brockman. Marriage performed by W. T. McNealy, District Judge.

AGREEMENT FOR SALE, dated February 1, 1881, between Anna Scheper Knowles and Mary T. Jones & James P. Jones; consideration $2500, on terms.

HOMESTEAD dated February 8, 1881, by Mary T. Jones, stating she actually resides on Lot D, Cash value stated $2500. DEED dated October 6, 1882, from Anna Scheper Knowles to James P. Jones. Consideration $2,500.

MORTGAGE dated December 10, 1885, by James P, and Mary T. Jones to J. A. P. Vauclain, for $1,500. (Covering Lots D and I).

DEED dated March 27, 1886, from James P. Jones to E. W. Morse. Consideration $3,500. (Covering Lots D and I.)

DEED dated December 22, 1886, James P. Jones, E. W. Morse and Mary T. Jones to R. S. Flournoy. Consideration $4,900. (Covering Lots D and I.)

MORTGAGE dated December 22, 1886, R. S. Flournoy to James P. and Mary T. Jones. $1,750, 1 year, 10% interest. (Lots D and I.)

DEED dated March 24, 1887, R. S. Flournoy to John B. Dufresne, consideration $5,500, subject to two mortgages totalling $3,250 of which Dufresne agreed to assume (Lots D and I.)

CERTIFICATION dated August 19, 1887, by Chas. G. Hubbard, Researcher of Records, that title to Lots D and I was in John B. Dufresne.

DEED dated August 19, 1887, John and Sophie Dufresne to James T. Ellis. Consideration $7,500. (Lots D and I.) Subject to mortgages in favor of Jones and Vauclain.

DEED dated March 19, 1887, J. F. Ellis to J. F. Neely and Theodore J. Wrampelmeier. Consideration $10,000. (Lots D and I.)

DEED dated May 25, 1888, Theodore J. Wrampelmeier to J. F. Neely. Consideration $1.00. (Lots D and I.) DEED dated June 18, 1888, J. F. Neely to Samuel Slade, consideration $7,000. (Lots D and I.)

DEED (actually a Trust Agreement) dated February 3, 1891, from Samuel Slade to sons-in-law, T. C. Stockton, M.D., and J. F. Neely. Consideration $1.00. To hold and manage for benefit of Slade who was becoming infirm. Agreement referred to as “Trust.” Executed by Slade, Stockton and Neely.

MORTGAGE, dated January 6, 1892, Samuel Slade and wife Mary J. Slade to William E. Brimhall, to secure $1,000 loan. (Lots D and I.) Payment acknowledged by Brimhall on June 10, 1897.

GUARDIANSHIP OF SAMUEL SLADE. Superior Court of San Diego County, Case #993. November 15, 1892. (Slade was residing at 1312 Front Street. Assets included Lot D, valued at $2,500. November 21, 1892, Mary J. Slade, wife, ap­pointed Guardian.

DEED dated May 4, 1894, consideration $1.00, Mary J. Slade, widow, Minnie G. Stockton, T. C. Stockton, Grace M. Neely and J. F. Neely, all heirs at law of Samuel Slade, to William E. Brimhall. (Lots D and I.)

DEED dated May 31, 1897. Consideration $1.00, William E. Brimhall to Mary E. Brimhall, wife of Wm. E. Brimhall, of all property owned by William Brimhall, without specifically describing property.

AGREEMENT dated June 18, 1902, between Mary E. Brimhall, widow, and Lina Lohmann, for sale of Lot D, for $1,200, on terms: $250 down, $12.50 per month, 6% interest. (End of Abstract of Title)

PRESENT OWNER, George Deyo, acquired title August 4, 1936, from Henry Lohmann.