The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1972, Volume 18, Number 1
James E Moss, Editor

Original Articles

The Internment of the Japanese of San Diego County During the Second World War
By Gerald Schlenker
The Historical Archives of Baja California Sur: Their Antecedents and Recent Creation
By Miguel Leon-Portilla
The Stage to El Centro
By Orion Zink

Book Reviews

Franciscan Missionaries in Hispanic California, 1769-1848.
By Maynard Geiger, O.F.M. – Reviewed by Eleanor Adams
Surfboats and Horse Marines: U. S. Naval Operations in the Mexican War, 1846-48.
By K. Jack Bauer – Reviewed by Glenn W. Price
Letters From California, 1846-1847. William Robert Garner. Edited With a Sketch of the Life and Times of Their Author.
By Donald Munro Craig Reviewed by Edwin T. Coman, Jr.
John Phoenix, Esq., The Veritable Squibob. A Life of Captain George H. Derby, U.S.A.
By George R. Stewart – Reviewed by Robert Redding
Sketches of a Journey on the Two Oceans and to the Interior of America and of a Civil War in Northern Lower California
By Abbe Henry-J. A. Alric Reviewed by David J. Weber
California in Color. An Essay on the Paradox of Plenty.
By T. H. Watkins – Reviewed by Douglas H. Strong
The American Southwest: Its Peoples and Cultures.
By Lynn I. Perrigo – Reviewed by Richard F. Pourade

Book Notes

The Colorful Butterfield Overland Stage: Reproductions in Color of 21 Paintings by Marjorie Reed From the Collection of James S. Copley

San Diego History In Documents

The Mexican Treaty, the Military, Railroads and Politics
Compiled by Helen Gohres

San Diego History

Sidelights on the Light Side

Letters to the Editor

Front Cover image

Back Cover image

Birthplace of The San Diego Union, October 10, 1868, 2626 San Diego Avenue Old Town, San Diego, California.

From the hand-made red cedar roof shakes to the fir floor boards, the birthplace of The San Diego Union newspaper looks today much as it did a century ago. Here the earliest editions of the Union came off the press in 1968. The building is believed to have been erected about 1850 on land owned by Miguel Pedrorena or his family. Pedrorena was one of the authors of the Constitution of California.

Although the building was used as a dwelling as well as a printing office, and through the years experienced a number of alterations, it is now faithfully restored to its pristine condition of a century ago. The restoration project and museum interpretation, historically accurate in every respect, is sponsored by the Union-Tribune Publishing Company.

The cover illustration, a watercolor by Richard Gabriel Chase, was commissioned in 1969 by Fred B. Mitchell. Prints from the original painting were donated to the San Diego History Center by Mr. Mitchell before his death in 1970.

Copies of The San Diego Union painting, as well as those from paintings of other historic structures commissioned by Mr. Mitchell, are for sale in the Society’s Bookstore at Serra Museum, Presidio Park.

This issue of the The Journal of San Diego History was scanned and proofread by volunteer Bill Parsons.