The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1973, Volume 19, Number 1
James E. Moss, Editor


California’s Hispanic Heritage: A View Into the Spanish Myth
By Manuel P. Servin
William E. Smythe and San Diego, 1901-1908
By Lawrence B. Lee
The I.W.W. Free Speech Movement: San Diego, 1912
By Rosalie Shanks
Henry A. Crabb, Filibuster, and the San Diego Herald
Edited by Diana Lindsay

Book Reviews

The Pacific Coast
Photography by Ray Atkeson and text by Calvin Kentfield. Reviewed by Earl Pomeroy.
Consignments to El Dorado: A Record of the Voyage of the Sutton
By Thomas Whaley. Reviewed by John Haskell Kemble.
Quarterdecks and Spanish Grants
By C. Raymond Clar. Reviewed by Thomas F. Andrews.
Dispossessing the American Indian: Indians and Whites on the Colonial Frontier
By Wilbur Jacobs. Reviewed by Dennis E. Berge.
The Indians and I: Visits with the Diegueños, Quechans, Fort Mojaves, Zunis, Hopis, Navajos, and Piutes
By Peter Odens. Reviewed by Harry Kelsey.
The Bracero Program: Interest Groups and Foreign Policy
By Richard B. Craig. Reviewed by Lowell L. Blaisdell.
Concentration Camps U.S.A.: The Japanese Americans and World War II
By Roger Daniels. Reviewed by Donald H. Estes.

Book Notes

San Diego: The Unconventional City
By Neil Morgan.
Mission San Antonio de Padua
By Fr. Zephyrin Engelhardt, O.F.M.
The Nicaragua Route
By David I. Folkman, Jr.
Documents of Southwestern History: A Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the Arizona Historical Society
Compiled by Charles C. Colley.

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