The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1973, Volume 19, Number 3
James E. Moss, Editor

Main Articles

The Discoverer of Alta California: Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho or Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo?
By W. Michael Mathes
Paradoxes in the History of Baja California
By Miguel Leon-Portilla
Amiel Weeks Whipple and the Boundary Survey in Southern California
By Thomas L. Scharf
The Hispanic Heritage and the Borderlands
By Ralph H. Vigil

Book Reviews

California: The Vanishing Dream
By Michael Davie. Reviewed by Neil Morgan.
From Fingers to Finger Bowls.
By Helen Walker Linsenmeyer. Reviewed by Sam’l P. Arnold.
Men and Whales at Scammon’s Lagoon.
By David A. Henderson. Reviewed by W. Michael Mathes.
Soldier in the West: Letters of Theodore Talbot During His Services in California
Edited by Robert V. Hine and Savoie Lottinville. Reviewed by Gene M. Brack.
Frederick Law Olmsted and the American Environmental Tradition.
By Albert Fein. Reviewed by Robert Redding.
Charles F. Lummis: Crusader in Corduroy
By Dudley Gordon. Reviewed by Walton Bean.
Never Backward: The Autobiography of Lawrence Oliver
By Lawrence Oliver. Reviewed by Richard Pourade.
Phil Swing and Boulder Dam
By Beverley Bowen Moeller. Reviewed by Richard T. Ruetten.

[This electronic issue of the Journal was scanned and proofread by Cassius Zedaker.]