The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1974, Volume 20, Number 1

California; Land of New Beginnings
By David Lavender. Reviewed by Donald A. Nuttall
California. An Illustrated History
By T. H. Watkins. Reviewed by Andrew Rolle
Chicano: The Evolution of a People
Edited by Renato Rosaldo, Robert A. Calvert and Gustav L. Seligmann. Reviewed by David R. Maciel
The Adventures of Stickeen in Lower California, 1874
By John F. Janes. Edited by Anna Marie Hager. Reviewed by Reid Moran.
California, In-Doors and Out
By Eliza B. Farnham. Reviewed by Janet R. Fireman
Encyclopedia of American Shipwrecks
By Bruce D. Berman. Reviewed by James W. Watkins
Americans and the California Dream, 1850-1916
By Kevin Starr. Reviewed by Doyce B. Nunis
Historia Natural y Crónica de la Antigua California
By Miguel del Barco. Edited by Miguel Léon-Portilla. Reviewed by W. Michael Mathes
Don Pío Pico’s Historical Narrative
Translated by Arthur Botello. Reviewed by Iris Wilson Engstrand
Chile, Peru, and the California Gold Rush of 1849
By Jay Monaghan. Reviewed by Otis E. Young, Jr
California and the Dust Bowl Migration
By Walter J. Stein. Reviewed by Harry C. McDean
The Romance of Balboa Park
By Florence Christman. Reviewed by Robert F. Heilbron
Palomar: From Teepee to Telescope
By Catherine M. Wood. Reviewed by Tom Hudson

Book Notes

California’s Architectural Frontier. Style and Tradition in the Nineteenth Century
By Harold Kirker
The Oroz Codex
Translated and edited by Angelico Chavez, O. F. M.
California: A History of Upper and Lower California From Their First Discovery to the Present Time
By Alexander Forbes
The Mexican War: Changing Interpretations
Edited by Odie B. Faulk and Joseph A. Stout, Jr.
The California Missions as Others Saw Them (1786-1842)
By Francis J. Weber
The Diplomacy of Annexation. Texas, Oregon, and the Mexican War
By David M. Pletcher
San Diego and the Back Country
Edited by Davis Dutton