The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1974, Volume 20, Number 4

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San Diego bay

Page iv.
[view of downtown San Diego from Coronado]
Courtesy City of San Diego.
Phil Binks photograph.


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Yacht Cathleen


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Yacht Restless 1872
Originally a catboat enlarged to sloop rigging, the Restless was first sailed into San Diego Bay by her original owner, Captain Alfred H Wilcox in 1865. She was once owned by George J. Leovy of the San Diego Yacht Club.

Butcher Boy

Page 4.
Butcher Boy
Now owned by the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Corinthian Yacht Club

Page 4.
Corinthian Yacht Club 1904.

Homes of the San Diego Yacht Club

Page 6.
Homes of the San Diego Yacht Club 1891-1926


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Yacht Windward
First Star Boat in San Diego.

U.S.S. Gannet

Page 7.
U.S.S. Gannet Loading San Diego Yacht Club Stars for trip to Santa Barbara.

Spreckels yacht Lurline

Page 8.
Schooner Yacht Lurline 1910. Built by Wallace Turner of San Francisco in 1883 for Adolph and John D. Spreckels. The Lurline brought John D. Spreckels to San Diego for the first view of the City and the Bay.

Schooner Yacht San Diego

Page 9.
Schooner Yacht San Diego 1911.
Owned and piloted by Albert Moses Hayward.

Stars off Coronado

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[Stars off Coronado]

San Diego Yacht Club

Page 10.
[San Diego Yacht Club]

Southwestern Yacht Club   Southwestern Yacht Club   Southwestern Yacht Club

Page 13. Southwestern Yacht Club

Above left: Foot of Grape Street, 1930
Above right: Harbor Drive, 1948
Left: Foot of Qualtrough Street 1972
Pictures courtesy Southwestern Yacht Club.

Mission Bay in 1947

Page 15. Mission Bay in 1947.
Looking South from above Sail Bay to Point Loma in distance with Mission Beach and Pacific Ocean on right. Santa Clara Point (bottom), El Carmel Point (center), present location of Mission Bay Yacht Club, and Bahia Point (top). Asher Pier is “T” shaped dock right of Santa Clara Point.

San Diego Rowing Club

Page 18.
[San Diego Rowing Club]

Pacific Coast Rowing Champions 1908

Page 19.
Pacific Coast Rowing Champions 1908.
Top, left to right: Gerald Baldwin, Edgar Dodge, Lonne Hackleman, Richard Jessop
Bottom left to right:
Edgar Bowles, coxswain, Joe Courtney, coach
Courtesy J. Jessop

ZLAC Rowing Club Members 1899

Page 20.
ZLAC Rowing Club Members 1899

State Normal School crew

Page 21.
State Normal School crew rowing in a barge on San Diego Bay
Courtesy San Diego State University

Pristis Rowing Center

Page 22.
Pristis Rowing Center