The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1975, Volume 21, Number 2
James E. Moss, Editor
Thomas L. Scharf, Assistant Editor

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Miss B

Page 41. Miss B., “In the flesh, with friends.”

Mission Boulevard

Page 43. “It was natural, then, that the main thoroughfare through Mission Beach should be called Mission Boulevard.” (c 1926)

Aspin Court

Page 45. The first signed street is Aspin Court

Windimere Court

Page 45. Windimere Court like the others is a narrow walkway, lined by owner’s fences.

Avalon Court

Page 45. Avalon Court, looking west from Mission Blvd., is a pathway of beautiful greenery.

Vanitie Court

Page 45. So prettily misspelled is Vanitie Court—a deliberately coinded name?

Wavecrest Court

Page 47. Wavecrest Court—’I wonder if it was ever dedicated?’

Mission Boulevard

Page 47. Mission Boulevard deadends at the south, where it is blocked by the North Jetty.