The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1975, Volume 21, Number 2
James E. Moss, Editor
Thomas L. Scharf, Assistant Editor

San Diego Union, November 4, 1869 It is hardly safe to travel over the country at present. We have heard of several small thefts during the past week in and about San Diego. It behooves those who go out after dark, or those who may travel in the interior, to go well armed so as to give the gentry a warm reception in case of an attack.

San Diego Union, October 5, 1871 Our citizens have suffered considerable annoyance from the hogs which have been running at large on our streets.

San Diego Sun, August 4, 1883 A very noisy crowd persisted in keeping people along Fifth Street awake during Wednesday night. It would be well for the constable to take such revellers in and teach them a lesson.

San Diego Sun, July 16, 1889 The officials of the public library complain of the frequent theft of books from the shelves.