The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1975, Volume 21, Number 3
James E. Moss, Editor

Book Notes

David J. Weber, Book Review Editor

Sonora Road Log. By Walt Wheelock. Revised Edition. Glendale: La. Siesta Press, 1974. Illustrations. Index. Map. 36 pages. Softbound. $1.00.

As both author and publisher of this little guidebook, Walt Wheelock has provided a valuable service to travelers who want to know more about road conditions and out of the way places in Sonora. Sonora Road Log, together with Wheelock’s Beaches of Sonora, constitute the only guidebooks in either Spanish or English to Mexico’s second largest state. Many tourists from California pass through Sonora. Wheelock’s work may entice some to leave the paved roads and stay awhile.