The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1976, Volume 22, Number 3
James E. Moss, Editor

David J. Weber, Book Review Editor

The Great United States Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842
By William Stanton. Reviewed by Donald C. Cutter
Mexico Views Manifest Destiny, 1821-1846: An Essay on the Origins of the Mexican War
By Gene M. Brack. Reviewed by Oakah L. Jones
Luther T. Ellsworth: U.S. Consul on the Border During the Mexican Revolution
By Dorothy Pierson Kerig. Reviewed by Kenneth J. Grieb
The History of Ramona, California and Environs
By Lulu R. O’Neal. Reviewed by Tom Hudson
Charles F. Lummis: The Man and His West
By Turbesé Lummis Fiske and Keith Lummis. Reviewed by Dudley Gordon
The Cave Paintings of Baja California. The Great Murals of an Unknown People
By Harry Crosby. Reviewed by Miguel León-Portilla
Doña Anita of El Rosario
By Helen Ellsberg. Reviewed by W. O. Hendricks
A California-Nevada Travel Diary of 1876: The Delightful Account of a Ben B’rith
By David A. D Ancona. Edited by William M. Kramer. Reviewed by Harwood P. Hinton
El Picacho del Diablo: The Conquest of Lower California’s Highest Peak, 1932 and 1937
By Norman Clyde. Reviewed by Harry Crosby
The California Gold Rush Overland Diary of Byron N. McKinstry. 1850-1852
Edited by Bruce L. McKinstry. Reviewed by Robert W. Frazer

Book Notes

by David J. Weber