The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1977, Volume 23, Number 1
James E. Moss, Editor
Thomas L. Scharf, Assistant Editor

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Blochman family gathering about 1915

Page 64. Blochman family gathering about 1915. Family patriarchs Abraham and Marie Blochman are seated on opposite ends of the middle row.

San Diego Wheelmen

Page 67. The San Diego Wheelmen. Lucien Blochman is holding a newspaper at the extreme right.

Drawing by Mina Blochman

Page 69. Drawing from a diary kept by Mina Blochman during her stay in Paris.

Blochman Banking Company   Blochman Banking Company

Page 71. The interior of the Blochman Banking Company [above left] about 1895 with Abraham Blochman at left and his son Lucien Blochman at right. The exterior of the building is shown [above right] about 1905 with Abraham Blochman standing in front. The institution would later become Security Pacific National Bank.

Abraham and Marie Blochman

Page 73. Abraham and Marie Blochman as they appeared shortly after their marriage in 1865; and below on their fiftieth Wedding Anniversary in 1915.

Marie Blochman   Abraham Blochman

Lucien Blochman about 1901 with his bicycle

Page 74. Lucien Blochman about 1901 with his bicycle. His mother, Marie, is seated behind the fence to the left.

cartoon character of Lucien Blochman

Page 75. A cartoon character of Lucien Blochman.

Lawrence Blochman

Page 77. Lawrence Blochman