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The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1977, Volume 23, Number 4
James E. Moss, Editor
Thomas L. Scharf, Assistant Editor

By Rhoda E. Kruse

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Ocean Beach near the turn of the century

Page 58. Ocean Beach near the turn of the century was a popular resort area. It remains so today.

William H. Carlson

Page 60. William H. Carlson, Ocean Beach real estate promoter

Hot air balloon

Page 61. A balloon ascension at Ocean Beach on April 15, 1888. Hot air balloons wer a popular attraction for real estate promotion.

Picnickers at Ocean Beach

Page 62. Picnickers enjoying the surf at Ocean Beach on Thanksgiving Day, November 1889

Map of Ocean Beach

Page 64. Map of Ocean Beach | Being a subdivision of Pueblo Lots 195, 202 & 203, in the city of San Diego California | Surveyed by O. N. Sanford City Engineer | Filed in the office of the County Recorder of the County of San Diego this 28th day of May 1887. By (signatures)

Depuy's 1885 subdivision map of Ocean Beach

Page 66. J. M. Depuy’s 1885 subdivision map of Ocean Beach