The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1979, Volume 25, Number 2
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

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Alonzo E. Horton

Page 111. A fine portrait of Alonzo E. Horton about 1886. This negative by J.A. Sherriff shows careful retouching to improve the subject’s appearance.

Russ High School football team 1899

Page 112. The Russ High School football team is seen at the left in a group portrait made in 1899. Photographer, unknown.

San Diego State College

Page 112. San Diego State College in 1933 by Walter E. Averett. Improvements in film during this time made it easier for photographers to get dramatic cloud effects in their work.

Sherman School kindergarten class

Page 113. The Sherman School kindergarten class below was photographed by Herbert Fitch in 1908.

San Diego Waterfront and Bay in 1886

Page 114. The San Diego Waterfront and Bay in 1886 at the foot of Fourth Avenue in an excellent composition by J.A. Sherriff.

The sailing ship Ferdinand Fisher

Page 115. The sailing ship Ferdinand Fisher in 1897. Prolific Herbert Fitch photographed the many ships coming into San Diego Bay.

permanent wave machine

Page 116. At the Rose Marcell Shoppe, 606 Spreckels Building, on January 28, 1929, a small girl had her hair curled with an electrical permanent wave machine while her photograph was taken by Guy Sensor.

Dirigible Air Ship

Page 117. An Arcade View Company photograph about 1910 of the Toliver Dirigible Air Ship — stern view from starboard side — built in a canyon near Twenty-Eight and B Streets.

The J.P. Mills family

Page 118. The J.P. Mills family in their home at 1203 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard were photographed in 1928 by Guy Sensor.

Douglas Gunn

Page 118. An 1875 Carte de Visite portrait of Douglas Gunn, Editor of the San Diego Union. Photographer, unknown.

Margarita Fisher with the cast from the Pollard Movie Studio

Page 119. Margarita Fisher with the cast from the Pollard Movie Studio. W.E. Averett photographed the troupe in 1914 in front of the Hotel del Coronado.

Mission Beach Board Walk

Page 119. Mission Beach Board Walk photographed by Herbert Fitch in 1922.

George Thing family

Page 120. The George Thing family at Descanso about 1896. Round photographs of this kind were typical of Kodak snapshots of the period. The photographer’s name is unknown, but surely he is the young man seated in the foreground pulling a string that was probably attached to the camera’s shutter.

pastoral scene near Vista

Page 121. At right, a pastoral scene near Vista in 1960 evokes moods of an impressionistic painting. Photographer, Larry Booth.

California Pacific International Exposition

Page 122. A typical news photograph from the San Diego Union-Tribune negative files shows sailors in a push chair on the midway of the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition in Balboa Park.

Panama-California International Exposition

Page 122. A lagoon reflects the House of Hospitality and Electric Building at the 1915 Panama-California International Exposition. Photographer, W.E. Averett.

Panorama from California Tower

Page 123. A spectacular panorama from Balboa Park’s California Tower taking in the Cabrillo Bridge, the City and Bay. Photographer, Lee Passmore.

Spring Valley with Mt. Helix

Page 124. Looking northeast about 1912 along Bancroft Road near Eucalyptus County Park in Spring Valley with Mt. Helix in the background. This photograph is representative of Lee Passomre’s “Back Country” views and is technically good and well composed.

Balboa Stadium

Page 126. In 1929, crowds filled Balboa Stadium to welcome Charles Lindbergh after his famous trans-Atlantic flight. Photographer, W.E. Averett.

Buffalo Bill Cody

Page 127. Buffalo Bill Cody drives the buggy (top) in an 1898 San Diego circus parade. Photographer, unknown.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Page 127. In this Union-Tribune photograph Franklin D. Roosevelt speaks at the Civic Center Building dedication on July 16, 1938.

Winters Bakery

Page 128. Interior of Winters Bakery in 1912. Photographer, Herbert Fitch.

Escondido's  Grape Day

Page 128. Escondido’s Grape Day September 9, 1908. A welcoming committee awaits the arrival of a passenger train from San Diego in this view by Havens, an Escondido  photographer.

Bum, under the surgeon's care

Page 129. F. Elliott Patterson made this photograph of San Diego’s favorite town dog Bum, under the surgeon’s care, about 1890.

first refueling of a plane in midair

Page 130. The first refueling of a plane in midair took place in the skies over San Diego in 1923. The photograph was taken by H.A. (Jimmy) Erickson “San Diego’s Flying Photographer” who recorded many aviation firsts.

Page 132. On January 1, 1915, Lee Passmore photographed the steamship Isthmian with its damaged bow in a composition that changed a mundane subject into art.

Page 133. A Union-Tribune publicity photograph for the 1935 Exposition posed Cowboy Strickland on a horse with an all girl saxophone band on the steps of the San Diego Museum of Art.

Fire at St. Joseph's Cathedral

Page 133. Fire in 1903 at St. Joseph’s Cathedral at Third and Cedar Streets. Photographer, F. Elliott Patterson.

Merchants' Central Credit Association

Page 134. On April 8, 1931 Merchants’ Central Credit Association telephone operators were photographed by Guy Sensor, who recorded many San Diego businesses between 1920 and the 1950s.

1958 rollout of Convair's 880 passenger air liner

Page 134. The December 1958 rollout of Convair’s 880 passenger air liner. Pictured from left to right, James D. Forward, Sr., Chairman of the Board of Union Title Insurance and Trust; Fred Hoover, pioneer aviator; and Frank G. Forward, President of Union Title Insurance and Trust. Photographer, Larry Booth.

San Diego street scene in 1910

Page 135. In this downtown San Diego street scene, photographed by Herbert Fitch in 1910, horses and buggies appear to be about equal in number to automobiles. It didn’t stay that way for long.