The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1980, Volume 26, Number 4
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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Magón (left) and his brother Enrique  
Page 257. Ricardo Flores Magón (left) and his brother Enrique in the Los Angeles County jail, 1917.

Page 257. Tijuana as it looked in 1911.

customs house  
Page 258. The customs house occupied by Magonistas and barricaded in preparation for defense. The tourists in the car prepare to return to San Diego.

Tijuana burns  
Page 260. Tijuana burns as tourists watch from the American side. This photograph was taken after the Magonista capture of the town, May 9, 1911.

Lt. John Mosby,  
Page 263. Lt. John Mosby, the insurecto leader after the departure of General Pryce.

Magonista flag flies over the Tijuana post office  
Page 264. Shortly after dawn on May 10, 1911, the Magonista flag flies over the Tijuana post office as troops mill about in the streets. Already a few tourists, including women (left) are looking through the stores.

General Caryl Pryce  
Page 266. General Caryl Pryce during the occupation of Tijuana.

Page 266. Magonistas, before the Federal recapture of Tijuana on June 28, 1911. Note the irregular uniforms and adaptation of the bandeleros by the Americans.

insurectos retreating  
Page 268. The insurectos retreating from Federal forces near Tijuana

field hospital  
Page 270. A field hospital after the capture of Tijuana. The insurecto and Federal dead on the ground with Magonista troops and curiosity seekers from San Diego (right).

THE PHOTOGRAPH of Ricardo Flores Magón and his brother Enrique is courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. All other photos are from the San Diego Historical Society’s Title Insurance and Trust Collection.