The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1981, Volume 27, Number 3
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

Original Articles

E.W. Morse and the San Diego County Beekeeping Industry, 1875-1884
By Barbara Newton
How Scripps Institution Came to San Diego
By Elizabeth N. Shor
Adaptation of the Bajacalifornian to the Environment from Earliest Times to the Mid-Nineteenth Century
By W. Michael Mathes
S.A.T.C., San Diego’s Student Army
By Jefferson K. Stickney, Jr.
In Memoriam: Dina Moore Bowden

Book Reviews

Samuel Peter Heintzelman and the Sonora Exploring & Mining Company
By Diane M.T. North. Reviewed by James E. Fell.
The Development of Leadership and Organization Building in the Black Community of Los Angeles from 1900 Through World War II
By E. Frederick Anderson. Reviewed by Theodore Kornweibel, Jr.
Black Los Angeles: The Maturing of the Ghetto, 1940-1950
By Keith E. Collins. Reviewed by Theodore Kornweibel, Jr.
Earlier than You Think: A Personal View of Man in America
By George F. Carter. Reviewed by Paul H. Ezell.
The Forging of the Cosmic Race: A Reinterpretation of Colonial Mexico
By Colin M. MacLachlan and Jaime E. Rodríguez. Reviewed by W. Michael Mathes.
San Diego: California’s Cornerstone
By Iris H.W. Engstrand. Reviewed by Susan B. Erzinger.