The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1981, Volume 27, Number 4

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The tuna clipper Venetian

The tuna clipper Venetian drying bait nets at Magdalena Bay, Baja California, about 1954.

Lunchtime for halibut fishermen

Lunchtime for halibut fishermen in Mexican waters on board the Panama (c. 1918). From left to right: Dominic De Colla, Unknown, Mike Ghio, Michael Ghio, Steve Stagnaro, Barto Stagnaro and Johnny Ghio.

Steve Stagnaro

At the helm – Steve Stagnaro on board the Venetian.

Chumming for tuna on board the Venetian.

off Cape San Lazaro, Baja California

Venetian‘s fishing platform in heavy weather off Cape San Lazaro, Baja California.

Old Timers

Old Timers: (c. 1956) From left to right: Paul Zuanich, Louie Massa, Jim Oliviera, Tom Carniglia, Steve Stagnaro, Lorenzo Canapa, Augustino Carniglia and Matt Ghio.

Anthony's Fish Grotto 1946

Then and now – original Anthony’s Fish Grotto (1946) at 965 West Harbor Drive.

Anthony's Fish Grotto 1996

New Anthony’s Fish Grotto (1966) at 1355 North Harbor Drive.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS are courtesy of the author and the Ghio family.