The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1981, Volume 27, Number 4

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Temple Beth Israel as it appeared about 1893

Temple Beth Israel as it appeared about 1893. It was during this period that the building was rented out to several other organizations including the Universalists and Christian Scientists.

structural changes

By the 1900s Temple Beth Israel had undergone some structural changes including the addition of a front portico.

Joseph Mannasse

As one of San Diego’s earliest citizens, Joseph Mannasse helped to organize the Jewish population. In 1861 San Diego Jewry started a congregation—the first in Southern California.

Simon Levi

Simon Levi (seen here), together with his brother Adolph, helped to lead San Diego Jews into the twentieth century.

Through the support of Samuel I. Fox, and others like him, the congregation of Temple Beth Israel survived a number of bad years.

Temple Beth Israel in Heritage Park

Present plans call for Temple Beth Israel to be a museum of the early church history of San Diego. It is seen here at its current location in Heritage Park.