The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1982, Volume 28, Number 4
Thomas Scharf, Managing Editor

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A wide variety of advertisements extolling San Diego’s merits as a health resort.

San Diego’s first private hospital was a simple structure along Columbia and F streets (seen here in later years when it was operated as the Arlington Hotel).

Dr. Peter C. Remondino founded the hospital together with Dr. Thomas C. Stockton.

The Scientific Health Magnetizer.

The drawing explains one of many exercises recommended by Dr. Dio Lewis for victims of consumption.

The Kneipp method of hydrotherapy was known around the world. This is the title page of Kneipp’s book which was translated into Spanish and published in Mexico in 1894.

The Agnew Sanitarium, located at Fifth and Beech, contained one hundred beds within its four floors.

Herbert Fitch's photography studio and the office of Dr. R.J. McLemore

Next door to Herbert Fitch’s photography studio on Sixth Avenue was the office of Dr. R.J. McLemore who specialized in “Electro-Magnetic” treatments. Coincidentally, Fitch came to San Diego in 1895—a very sick man—and recovered his health here.

Parks Sanitarium

The Parks Sanitarium in La Mesa focused exclusively on diseases of the lungs and throat.