The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1984, Volume 30, Number 4
Thomas L. Scarf, Managing Editor

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Cabrillo Rifle members

Page iv. Cabrillo Rifle members, Captain J. V. Bush (left) and Major Fred Jewell. The Cabrillo Rifles were created in 1917 to serve as a unit of “home guards” to protect San Diego in the event of a military emergency. Jewell, a local banker, was chosen to command the group. A boyhood friend of William Jennings Bryan, Jewell came to San Diego in 1901 where he became the leader of the city’s Populist movement.

Rifle drill at Imperial Beach

Page 235. Rifle drill at Imperial Beach, 1917. Practice like this took place at various points around San Diego County.

A day's outing and drill at Oneonta

Page 236. A day’s outing and drill at Oneonta, August 12, 1917.

practice of sharp-shooting skills

Page 236. After a night sleeping on the ground, the men would rise to begin practice of sharp-shooting skills while hunting.

Cabrillo Riflemen hunting for small game

Page 238. Cabrillo Riflemen hunting for small game, San Diego County. This was a training exercise with Manual-at-Arms.


THE PHOTOGRAPHS are courtesy of the San Diego Public Library. The author also gratefully acknowledges use of the biographical files of the San Diego Historical Society, and of the inspiration provided by his late aunt Velma Allison Moeller, longtime member of the San Diego Historical Society.