The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1985, Volume 31, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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House of Hospitality

The interior courtyard of the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park is one of Sam Hamill’s more popular designs. The fountain is by Donal Hord.

Hamill, Frank G. Forward and James D. Forward, Sr.

(left to right) Hamill, Frank G. Forward and James D. Forward, Sr. examine a model of Hamill’s design for the Union Title Insurance Company’s building.

architect Hamill

At left, architect Hamill stands in front of the completed structure, November, 1959.

buildings of San Diego's 1915 Panama-California Exposition

The buildings of San Diego’s 1915 Panama-California Exposition became an inspiration to Hamill as a boy. He later recalled that after first seeing them, “I wanted to have these wonderful buildings last forever…”

THE PHOTOGRAPHS are from the San Diego History Center’s Title Insurance and Trust Collection.