The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1985, Volume 31, Number 4
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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Page 244

The coming of the railroad brought new growth to San Diego’s economy. Seen here is the railroad yard and, in the distance, the tower of the old depot, c. 1900

Frank Kimball

Page 246

Frank Kimball worked to develop National City, San Diego’s sister city on the bay.

Page 247

Alonzo Horton arrived in San Diego in 1867 and purchased most of the present downtown area.

Chinese laborers

Page 250

A Southern California railroad construction scene, c. 1880s, shows Chinese laborers removing earth in baskets.

California Southern train and depot

Page 254

A California Southern train and depot building in National City, 1885. The rail link to San Diego was completed on November 17, 1885.

housing and room shortage

Page 255

The great boom of the 1880s caused a housing and room shortage that resulted in many newcomers having to live in tents.

Santa Fe Depot and an engine

Page 256

San Diego’s Santa Fe Depot and an engine in 1887. The growth of San Diego did not lead to the success of the California Southern as the directors of the Santa Fe had hoped.


THE PHOTOGRAPHS are from the San Diego History Center’s Title Insurance and Trust Collection.