The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1987, Volume 33, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Original Articles

William Sterling Hebbard: Consummate San Diego Architect
By Kathleen Flanigan.
List of Hebbard Designs
By Kathleen Flanigan.
The Jessop Street Clock. A San Diego Landmark.
By Joseph E. Jessop.
Horton’s Purchase: The Real Story.
By Dr. Robert F. Heilbron.

Book Reviews

California Wings. A History of Aviation in the Golden State.
By William A. Schoneberger. Reviewed by Gary F. Kurutz.
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.
By Harry Kelsey. Reviewed by Warren A. Beck.
Californians: Searching for the Golden State.
By James D. Houston. Reviewed by James C. Williams.
Legends of Lakeside.
By the Lakeside Historical Society. Reviewed by Meredith Vezina.
John Xántus: The Fort Tejon Letters 1857-1859.
Edited by Ann Zwinger. Reviewed by John E. Sunder.