The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1987, Volume 33, Number 4
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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Sir Buchanan Scott  

Page 150
Sir Buchanan Scott, Knight Commander of the Indian Empire.

Map of Ensenada  
Page 153
Map of Ensenada, surveyed for the International Company of Mexico, 1889.

Ensenada in 1891  
Page 154-155
Ensenada in 1891, with the distinctive Hanbury & Garvey building dominating the landscape.

manager's home in Ensenada  
Page 157
The manager’s home in Ensenada, where the Scotts lived.

manager's home in Ensenada  
Page 157
The British firm inherited the administrative buildings of the old International Company. Mrs. Scott captioned this photo as “my husband’s office.”

Page 158
Scott’s photo of the new Hotel Iturbide, 1889.

Page 162
Mrs. Scott took this photo of the Rev. Isaac White, Presbyterian minister in Ensenada.


THE PHOTOGRAPHS on pages 153 and 154-155 are courtesy Natural History Museum, Los Angeles. All others are from Guild Hall Library, London.