The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1988, Volume 34, Number 3
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Original Articles

St Anthony’s Indian School in San Diego, 1886-1907.
By Teresa Baksh McNeil.
Seeker of Light and Shadow: Lou Adelaide Bigelow
By Joan M. Mohr
Harriett Barnhard Wimmer: A Pioneer San Diego Woman Landscape Architect.
By Carol Greentree.

Book Reviews

Xantus: The Letters of John Xantus to Spencer Fullerton Baird from San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas 1859-1861.
Edited by Ann H. Zwinger. Reviewed by Fabio A. Martinez.
The History of El Cajon: Valley of Opportunity.
By Eldonna P. Lay. Reviewed by Karna M. Webster.
San Diego’s South Bay Interurban.
By Ralph Forty. Reviewed by Theodore Kornweibel, Jr..
The Women’s West.
Edited and with Introductions by Susan Armitage and Elizabeth Jameson. Reviewed by Ronald J. Quinn.
San Diego Originals: Profiles of the Movers and Shakers of Californias First Community.
By Theodore W. Fuller. Reviewed by Terri Jacques.
Across Boundaries: Transborder Interaction in Comparative Perspective.
Edited by Oscar J. Martinez. Reviewed by Paul Ganster.
Maquila. Assembly Plants in Northern Mexico.
By Ellwyn R. Stoddard. Reviewed by Paul Ganster.

Book Notes

Landmarks: A Survey of All Official Historic Landmarks in San Diego County.
County of San Diego.
Hotel del Coronado: The First Hundred Years.
Hotel del Coronado.
Fremont’s Private navy: The 1846 Journal of Captain William Dane Phelps.
Edited by Briton Cooper Busch.
The Elusive Eden: A New History of California.
By Richard B. Rice, William A. Bullough, and Richard J. Orsi.
California’s Maritime Heritage.
By Martin P Riegel.
California’s Cities, Towns and Counties, 1988.
Edited by Edith R. Hornor.