The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1988, Volume 34, Number 4
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

Original Articles

San Diego and the Gilded Age: The Efforts to Bring the Texas and Pacific Ralroad to San Diego.
By Rickey D. Best
San Diego’s Gardening Heritage: The Cultivation of Paradise on Earth.
Forgotten Sentinel on Marston Point: The History of the San Diego Fire Alarm Communications Building.
By Alex Bevil

Book Reviews

Law and Community on the Mexican California Frontier: Anglo-Ameican Expatiriates and the Clash of Legal Traditions, 1821-1846.
By David J. Langum. Reviewed by Clare V. McKanna.
An Embarrassment of Riches: The Administrative History of Cabrillo National Monument.
By Susan Collins Lehmann. Reviewed by Douglas H. Strong.
A Disorderly House: The Brown – Unruh Years in Sacramento.
By James R. Mills. Reviewed by Jackson K. Putnam.
Junipero Serra’s Legacy.
By Martin Morgado. Reviewed by Eleanor A Neely.

Book Notes

The Journey of Fray Marcos de Niza.
By Cleve Hallenbeck.
Jessie Benton Fremont: A Biography.
By Pamela Herra.
Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey.
By William H Emory.
Gaspar de Portola: Explorer and Founder of California.
By F. Boneau Companys. Translated and revised by Alan K. Brown
The Presidio and Militia on the Northern Frontier of New Spain: A Documentary History, Volume One: 1570-1700.
Edited by Thomas H. Naylor and Charles W. Polzer.
The Making of Urban America.
Edited by Raymond A. Mohl.
Mexican American Biographies: A Historical Dictionary, 1836-1987.
By Matt S. Meier.
Public Places: Exploring their History.
By Gerald A. Danzer.
Early Days of Santa Barbara, California.
By Walter A. Hawley.