The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1989, Volume 35, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

cobblestone chimney  
The true beauty of the cobblestone chimney is apparent in this two-story example. Large boulders are centered and evenly spaced, drawing the eye to the vertically-placed cap pieces.

cobblestone retaining wall  
A long cobblestone retaining wall, featured on this corner lot in University Heights, was probably a common decoration around the turn of the century.

retaining wall  
Height of retaining walls is dependent upon the slope of the terrain. The retaining wall continues to the alley to the right.

retaining walls  
The retaining walls, constructed and designed with differing sized cobbles, extend as low walls parallel to the entrance path to the house.

Cobblestone piers  
Cobblestones exemplify an indigenous material that was featured in the bungalow movement. Cobblestone piers support the porch and porte-cochére. Note the tile-capped cobble chimney.

cobblestone piers are capped  
The low cobblestone piers are capped, perhaps for structural supports of the veranda.

cobblestone piers  
The cobblestone piers, buttressed at the base, were likely constructed as additional support around the wooden base. Note the shingle effect to the chimney cap.

cobblestone chimney  
The cobblestone chimney, fashioned with cobbles and decorative boulder pieces, emphasizes the low roof line of this bungalow.

Map of Cobblestone artifacts  
Cobblestone artifacts in University Heights, Normal Heights and East San Diego.

Map of Cobblestone retaining walls  
Cobblestone retaining walls in University Heights, Normal Heights and East San Diego.

cobblestone chimney  
This two-story cobblestone chimney features the use of uniformly sized cobbles. Sometimes the concrete chimney caps are pebble-studded.

cobblestone/boulder home  
One of two cobblestone/boulder homes in the study area, this house features the use of boulders at corners. The cobbles are of uniform size, but have been carefully placed to frame the arched windows and garage.

two-story cobblestone bungalow  
A magnificent example of a two-story cobblestone bungalow, also is accompanied by a cobblestone garage, retaining walls, and out-door fireplace.

cobblestone wall  
An erect cobblestone wall decorates the perimeter of the yard of a home near Hoover High School.

pebble-studded archway  
The erect wall in the photo may have been more extensive in the past. A pebble-studded archway leads to the rear of the property.

Mission Cliffs Gardens entrance  
The entrance to the Mission Cliffs Gardens was accentuated with prominent cobblestone pillars.

former Mission Cliffs Gardens  
The perimeter of the former Mission Cliffs Gardens is a long retaining wall of boulders and cobblestones, constructed with boulder-capped pillars spaced at even intervals.

Cobblestone pillars  
Cobblestone pillars demarcated housing tracts. These two sets are visible looking east, across 40th Street.

cobblestone pillar identified the neighborhood  
The cobblestone pillar identified the neighborhood and embodied much of the architectural refinement of the period.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS are courtesy of the author.