The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1991, Volume 37, Number 2
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Army Barracks  
The old Army Barracks at Market Street and Arctic (Kettner Blvd).

Kindergarten class  
Kindergarten class of the B Street School in New Town.

Old Sherman School  
A lithograph of the Old Sherman School built at 17th and Market in 1886.

New Sherman School  
New Sherman School, constructed in 1889.

Mason Street School  
“New” Mason Street School, erected in 1872 to replace the “Old” Mason Street.

kindergarten class  
Mrs. Porter’s kindergarten class at the B Street School, 1895.

A page from a McGuffey Reader, 1881.

New Mason Street School  
New Mason Street School, built by Thomas Whaley in Old Town in 1872.

Old B Street School  
Old B Street School, the first school constructed in New San Diego in 1870,

Roseville School classroom  
A Roseville School classroom, circa 1906.

Middletown School  
Middletown School, circa 1889, located on Elm Street in New San Diego.

Russ School  
Russ School, built in 1882, was the location of San Diego’s first high school classes.

Teacher's Report  
Teacher’s Report, submitted by Mrs. T. R. Gnonyn in 1880.

Teacher's Report  
Teacher’s Report, submitted by Blanche Downs in 1881.

class in Pink School  
A class in Pink School in 1883. Note Russ school on the hill in the distance.

Examination questions  
Examination questions used by the San Diego County Board of Education in June 1891 for a Primary Teaching Certificate.

Notice of Opening School  
Report of opening school, submitted by Maude Watkins on August 29, 1898.